Your new feline friend – a first night primer

Bringing a new fur baby home can be a little nerve-wracking, and with cats you’re never quite certain if you’ll meet with their approval. For anyone who’s making cat adoption a priority for Adopt-A-Cat Month this year, here’s a “first night primer” for what to expect.

All is not lost for tomcat Hokie

When Hokie first arrived at PAWS he was a stray – name unknown, suffering with fleas, un-neutered, and without a microchip to help our in-house detectives (aka our Companion Animal Services team) find his true home. This is the miraculous story of how he was reunited with his family.

Betty Blue: A hero’s tale

The story of Betty Blue, a dog with an incredible story of perseverance, patience and trust. She’s currently available for adoption at PAWS in Lynnwood, WA.

Maki: Where is she now?

Adopted by Estelle and her husband back in April 2013, the once-fearful Maki has blossomed into a playful cuddle bug. We caught up with Estelle recently and she gave us this wonderful update on life since becoming a PAWS parent!

Feelin’ lonely on Valentine’s day? So are they.

It’s already mid-February, putting us firmly into 2011. Time certainly flies! But many deserving dogs and cats who arrived at PAWS in 2010 are still waiting for a forever family to give their love to. February 13 through the end of February, adopt any animal that arrived at PAWS in 2010 for only $20. We […]

Walkin’ Dogs #5

Skeeter. Border Collie/Greyhound. Another guy who likes to keep his nose to the ground. Very friendly, likes to play with others, be it human or canine.   Pixie. Bull Terrier. I think the picture says enough for this girl.   Madeline. Shepherd Hound. She likes to fetch, just needs to work on the retrieval part. […]

More Happy Matches!

This past week, we’ve received bunches of great updates from past adopters. These were so wonderful, we wanted to share the happy stories and photos with everyone. So, here goes:   Tammy:Nash, formerly known at "Gator," chillin' on the stairs.                     And here's Boss Tweed, formerly […]