Good News: Spring means more than flowers and showers!!

 By Kalyn Nilsson, PAWS Foster Care Assistant Springtime means flowers and usually more rain showers, but it also means that local shelters and our out-of-state partners will be filling up with kittens, mother cats, puppies and ‘mama’ dogs. The PAWS Foster Care Program embraces these new arrivals, providing them a safe spot, specialized care and comfort. […]

Earth Day for the Animals

By Katie Amrhein, Community Education Coordinator Frogs, bears, kittens, and owls. Hummingbirds, otters, raccoons, and dogs. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by celebrating all of the furried, feathered, finned and scaled animals we share this world with? At PAWS, we are people helping animals. In order to truly help animals, we also […]

A Celebration of Bats

By Jen Mannas, Wildlife Naturalist April 17 is National Bat Appreciation Day so here at PAWS we are celebrating all things bats.  Bats are in the Chiroptera family which includes about 1,240 species around the world; 40 of which are found in North America.  The Pacific Northwest is home to 14 species, of which the […]

Build a Native Species Garden: Part II, Our Garden at PAWS

By Jen Mannas, Wildlife Naturalist Last month we talked about the importance of native plant gardens, how they benefit wildlife and some gardening tips.  Now, we are taking some of our own advice and creating a native species garden learning experience here at PAWS Wildlife Center. Our property is home to many wildlife species.  Some […]