Help Kids and Pets Make Happy Memories Together

By JaneA Kelley, PAWS Staff Pets can be great for children: Not only do they help kids to learn about empathy and compassion, but they teach responsibility as well. Studies have even shown that pets can help children to be healthier by strengthening the immune system. April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day, which […]

Spring Babies Have Arrived

By Jen Mannas, Wildlife Naturalist The baby season has officially started at PAWS Wildlife Center. We have already received and released two Anna’s Hummingbird fledglings and we are currently caring for 40 Mallard ducklings, three raccoon kits, a killdeer chick and four hatchling Dark-eyed Juncos, just to name a few. Killdeer chick Baby season, which […]

Species Spotlight: Bald Eagle

By Jen Mannas, Wildlife Naturalist Spring is breeding season for most wildlife species that live in Washington, and this is not lost on Bald Eagles. The beginning of April is when the first eaglets hatch in Western Washington. Adults start competing for territory and building nests during the winter. This is a crucial time for […]