My First Three Months

When Sean Twohy signed up to be a volunteer at PAWS Wildlife Center, he had no expectation that he would ever actually see animals. He assumed that volunteers were there to wash dishes and do laundry. In this blog, he shares his first three months at PAWS.

Territorial Robins and Dive-bombing Crows

When you come across a wild animal you believe to be injured or orphaned, it’s only natural to want to try and help. In this blog, we look at some of the frequently asked questions received by staff at PAWS Wildlife Center from concerned members of the public.

The Danger of Windows

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that windows in homes and offices kill as many as one billion birds each year. PAWS Wildlife Center shares the stories of two recent patients, and gives valuable guidance on reducing the likelihood of window strikes occurring at your home or office.

Living with Beavers

What better day to talk about beavers than International Beaver Day? PAWS Wildlife Center has rehabilitated and released several beavers over the years, and has been fortunate to be involved in beaver research taking place right here in Washington. Read more on this research, and the importance of beavers.

It’s all go on the front lines of wildlife rehab

The hustle and bustle of the spring season has begun at PAWS Wildlife Center, and with it comes a need for more people to help with the daily care of wild birds and mammals. Find out more about life on the frontline of wildlife rehabilitation at PAWS in Lynnwood, WA – and how you can get involved.