Raccoon Prank

  An earlier blog post covered the release of this year's batch of orphaned Raccoon kits. There was one event that occured at the last release, however, that was not captured in that post. During the release, one Raccon tipped the release carrier up on its edge. When a second Raccoon noticed this, he tried […]

Return of the Raccoons

  Returning wild animals to their natural habitat is always a very moving experience, but in the case of young Raccoons it can also be quite humorous. They are curious, but very cautious, and they explore with all of their senses. They are especially focused on their tactile sense, and they use their sensitive forepaws […]

Six Ways to Celebrate Adopt-a-Dog Month

  October is commonly known for beautiful fall leaves, pumpkin carving, and spookily-dressed Trick-or-Treaters. But here's another fun fact about October you may not have known. October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month! To show support for homeless dogs everywhere, here are six ways YOU can celebrate Adopt-a-Dog month this October: Adopt a dog!  We know, this […]