Penny Harvest Students Care About Animals

Every penny counts. The students of the Penny Harvest program make sure of that.
PAWS was recently honored by Adams Elementary, Cedar Valley Community School, McGilvra Elementary and John Muir Elementary with donations totaling $1,584. Wow!

Penny Harvest Kids Through the Penny Harvest program, children nationwide learn that they can make a difference in their community and the lives of others. After collecting a plethora of pennies in the fall, student representatives from each school form a leadership team called a Roundtable Group. These student leaders work hard to identify and research the issues of their communities and then award donations to deserving organizations who best serve their concerns.

I was invited to meet with many of these students during their selection process. Animal welfare is near and dear to many children. Not only do they want to help animals in need with direct care, they also want to educate others to prevent cruelty and abuse.

As Penny Harvest representatives, Marlowe and Elliot (4th grade student leaders) stated in their school’s newsletter, the reason why they selected PAWS was because:

"PAWS  is an organization that helps stray animals such as dogs, cats and wild animals as well.  They neuter and spay dogs and cats to lower the amount of stray animals so not as many get sick or injured.  They also help wild injured animals, baby starving neglected animals and much, much more.” 

PAWS volunteer Marc Warner and I , were thrilled to represent PAWS at their awards assemblies. The handmade checks we received were as big as their hearts. Thank you Penny Harvest students for caring about animals and making a difference in so many lives. You rock!

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  1. I really appreciate the noble work that these students do! A lot of animals need help and these students are able to help them! My friend was one of those students and he told me about it. I want to take part in this event next year.

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