International Visitors at PAWS

My co-educator, Tiffany and I were thrilled to meet with this year’s Visiting Scholars from Japan.  Hosted by the Delta Society, these students of animal welfare professions traveled to Washington to learn from expert organizations.  Despite feeling some jet lag, these 17 adult students along with their teachers and interpreters were eager to learn about […]

Northern Fulmar 11-0281

On March 31, this Northern Fulmar was found sitting on the pavement outside a Seattle food bank. He was collected by an officer from the Seattle Animal Shelter and then transferred to PAWS. The bird presented a bit of a puzzle as fulmars are seafaring birds that generally stay miles out in the ocean off […]

Spring Comes to PAWS Campus

PAWS Campus Update: April 5, 2011    Despite the prolonged rainy, chilly period we have been experiencing lately, the behavior of wildlife here on the CAS/WL campus has been a constant reminder that spring has arrived. Birds and mammals all over our little patch of habi-tat have been preparing to welcome the next generation.I have […]