Puppies Coming Soon!

Whoa! These little pups are stinkin' cute! And they'll be available as early as this weekend. If you can handle the cuteness and are interested in giving one of these young dogs a forever home with your family, you should read this info about how we place high interest animals into homes. Puppies come with […]

Junior Loves Lovin’

Kay Joubert, Director of Companion Animal Services, updated us about a special kitty currently in our care: “Sadly, Junior's person died of cancer, and a friend brought Junior in to PAWS to find him a new home. Like a lot of new arrivals who’ve gone through such a dramatic loss and change, Junior got sick […]

Henny the Arson Dog saves lives at PAWSwalk

I recently asked Capt. Steve Baer from the Seattle Fire Department how he and his canine partner Henny are able to raise thousands of dollars every year at PAWSwalk to save animal lives. Read about their inspiring efforts and learn the tips for their success below. Then register for PAWSwalk online today, and join us […]

Harbor Seal is Back in the Wild

We're so happy to tell you that the Harbor Seal we updated you about last week, is now back in the sea! This was the seal who was taken to a Westport, WA hotel room by well-meaning, but unknowing vacationers. Yesterday, after loading the now-50-pound seal into a dog crate for a long drive from Lynnwood […]

Stand Up for Circus Animals–Pass it On!

It’s a sad fact that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus is back in town, returning to the Comcast Arena at Everett August 26-29. In my experience educating circus goers about the cruelty behind circuses that use animals, I’m often surprised to find that attendees truly don’t believe the animals are abused. It […]

A Grand Kitten Kissin’ Time In Greenwood Last Friday!

PAWS Cat City pulled out all the stops for the 2nd annual Greenwood Summer Streets event in conjunction with the monthly Art Up art walk. Not surprisingly, the Kitten Kissin' Booth, in particular, was a smashing success! Volunteers Melissa and Terri tended our most smoochable kittens (and lovebug Earl the cat who is still available for adoption!!) […]

Feathered Orphans

Every spring and summer at the PAWS Wildlife Center we receive dozens of young songbirds in need of help. Many are healthy orphans who have lost or become separated from their parents. Some are injured and require medical care. All require proper nutrition for their growing bodies as well as proper enclosures in which they […]

Harbor Seal Found in Hotel, Growing Up Fast

The Harbor Seal pup PAWS Wildlife Center has been caring for is gaining weight and growing up fast! You may remember this pup was brought to PAWS by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) after a well-intentioned, but unknowing couple of vacationers took him into their hotel room in Westport, WA, believing him to be […]

It’s Time for PAWSwalk 2010!

What’s cuter than 1,200 pups and 1,500 people all walking together in support of PAWS? You and your pooch joining the pack, of course! The 19th annual PAWSwalk takes place this year at Seattle’s Magnuson Park on September 11, just one month away. We would love to have you, your family and friends (four-legged and […]