Spring brings wild babies to PAWS and a need for volunteers!

 Three little Virginia Opossums at about 60-70 days old  I always know it is spring at the PAWS Wildlife Center because opposite my office door is the door to one of our busiest baby mammal nurseries. All day long volunteers and staff go in and out of that room to feed some of the smallest […]

To Feed or Not to Feed Wildlife

  If you love wildlife, don’t feed them! I know this may sound harsh. But, trust me, it is good advice. As the Wildlife Admissions Specialist at PAWS, part of my job is to answer calls from people who have questions and concerns about wild animals. After 8 years of fielding calls, I can safely […]

Become a Hero: Foster an animal in need

“Everyone needs a hero sometimes, even a tiny kitten. People are always looking for a way to make a difference, and being a foster parent gives you that opportunity," explains Rebecca Oertel, PAWS Foster Care Coordinator. "You also get the added benefit of receiving some fluffy attention and snuggle time with darling kittens or puppies […]

Update: Steller’s Jay Caught in Trap – Farewell and Good Luck!

Update on the Stellar’s Jay that was caught in a rat trap: PAWS’ Naturalist Kevin Mack recently photographed one of our patients in our pre-release caging as he/she (we’re not sure of the bird's sex) made a new friend here on PAWS’ campus. This was the Steller’s Jay who came into PAWS’ care after being caught in a rat trap. A local jay […]

Happy Trails for Two Black Bears

When fish and wildlife officers brought two Black Bear cubs to PAWS in July of 2009 from coastal Oregon, the bears were just little balls of fur weighing around 30 pounds each. We estimated their age to be about 6 months. I was both excited and sad that we had received them. Excited because I […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kennel Attendants

Every year, PAWS Companion Animal Shelter helps over 3,000 companion animals find new homes. With less than 20 full- and part-time employees devoted to the care of the cats and dogs during their stay, we rely on the help of many volunteers from the community. Without these outstanding folks, we could not dream of doing […]

Postage Stamps to the Rescue

The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled its cutest batch of stamps yet! The theme is Animal Rescue and the focus is Adopt a Shelter Pet. Each year the USPS creates a stamp for social awareness and this year we are lucky enough to have the spotlight land on shelter animals. Check out the Stamps to […]

Be Cautious When Trying to Solve Rodent Problems

PAWS recently received a Steller’s Jay who sadly had his head caught in a rat trap. Steller’s Jays are native birds, with a big attitude. Their feathers are a variety of beautiful vibrant blues. Unfortunately, when first caught in the rat trap, the bird tried to get away by flapping his wings to escape, and […]

New Beginnings: February and March Adoption Tales

I love reading stories about PAWS adopted animals in their new forever homes and sharing them with staff, volunteers, and now you! Every month I will be posting updates on adopted cats and dogs from PAWS. So if you are one of those lucky families, send your stories and photos to: catsanddogs@paws.org. _________________________________________________________________________ Hi there, […]